Manis’ Greenhouse

Landscape Dialog (157,98,27) Her flickr.

Dressed up Vale Koer

A formal twist on Vale Koer, with friends: Kyo and Manis.  Check out her flickr, she takes great photos.

Emoji in Second Life

I created the emoji mask to automatically appear for a few seconds after your use an emoticon or other trigger words in public chat.  In addition to the mask, the emoji also appear as a burst of particles around your avatar.  The mask only comes up for emoji that can represent a face.

Read more or check it out on the Second Life Marketplace.

New Domain Name

I’m relaunching this site today with a new domain:  I accidentally let expire.  Some company bought it and is holding it ransom for $3695, or financed (since they are so kind) for 12 payments of $308.  Yeah right…đź–•

I apologize for any lingering references to the .com name.

Exploring the Village of Mizuho

This region has been in development for several months and recently officially opened as a Gorean RP.  

Exploring Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe & Forest

Cheeky Tiramisu is a small cafe embedded in a forest.